Wooden Ladder


Wooden Ladder

Crafted from weathered rustic wood this ladder is a great display for your blankets or towels.

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Wooden Ladder

Crafted from weathered rustic wood this ladder is a great display for your blankets or towels. This wooden ladder can, in addition,be wall hung or used as a standing decorative piece. Add lights to the wooden ladder to brighten up a corner on your patio.

This rutic wooden ladder can add a rustic appeal to your home and works well with a farm house decor theme. This ladder with a rustic finish can add a charming lived in vibe to any room in your home. You can use this ladder to add warmth and as a focal point to any area in the home.

You can use a ladder in many ways around the home, for example, a ladder can be hung on a wall or used as a divider between rooms. Another way to use a pair of ladders is to create shelving using a pair of ladders with planks between for shelves.

Create an alternate version of a ladder shelf by placing two on the wall then add planks between the beams at varying heights and widths to suit your needs. This shelf then can be used to display items and books in a living room. Alternatively, it can be used in the kitchen for extra shelving or in a bedroom to display your purses and shoes.

You can also use a ladder in a bathroom as a towel hanging rack, another idea is to add adding wire baskets to a leaning ladder, the potential storage space is multiplied. Use this idea in a bathroom to store toiletries or additional towels. Also, this idea can easily be incorporated into a kitchen or pantry for fresh produce or storage in a bedroom for blankets or to organise a walk in closet.






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