About Us

There’s something about a house nestling on the banks of a river. The constant ebb and flow of  the tides fills one with a sense of rejuvination, a sense of fresh beginnings comfortably mixed with the old and dependable. The lapping waters evoke many differnet emotions, from the gentle swish of rippled waters over shingled shores to the more frenetic chop of white-crested waves rearing up against whipping winds. A coalesced mix of joy, anxiety, pleasure and despair makes for a blend of life that is encapsulated in one place, one time – the house on the river.

Against the backdrop of this highly dymanic environment, Redhouse-on-River strives to bring new products to market that instils emotions that go beyond “that’s nice”. We want you to love the products you purchase from us. We want you to develop resonance with your purchase, such that you feel and formulate those emotions that conjur up pure satisfaction, a feeling that tingles the very core of your soul.